The purpose of this site will be to give you a source of content related to Plane Spotting and tracking in real time. As we build the site we are looking forward to having you contribute your stories, and pictures. More information to come shortly, so stand by and check back often.

ADS-B feed from Maryland Plane Spotter.

Wow, its been about a month now that we have been feeding ADS-B to the RadarBox site, and we have now earned 1st place in the state of Maryland for the data we are providing. If you would like to check out other ADS-B sites in the state of Maryland, click on the link provided.  https://www.radarbox.com/stations/country/united-states/maryland

Spirit Airline Flight 2077

Some of you have probably heard by now that an emergency landing was needed yesterday evening for a Spirit Airlines flight out of BWI. Shortly after takeoff the plane lost an engine and had to return to BWI for an emergency landing.   Below you can see the flight track, along with an audio link of the Crews communication with the tower during the event. Although this is a scary experience for all the passengers on board, you can hear the calm professional demeanor of both the crew and Tower personal.

ADS-B RF Feed from Maryland Plane Spotters

It's been nearly two weeks and Maryland Plane Spotter has moved dramatically up the rankings within the Radio Box network.  We are now ranked third in the state for ADS-B spotting. This is significant increase in a short period of time. Be sure to check out the ADS-B Link at the top of the page. The data being captured, is coming from an RF antenna and fed to the ADS-B network via the Maryland Plane spotter Network.

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